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Texas Moves Ahead With Bill That Could See Halting of Chinese Wind Farm Project

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Texas is moving ahead with legislation aimed at keeping hostile countries out of the state’s critical infrastructure. The Lone Star Infrastructure Protection Act was passed by unanimous vote by the Texas Senate on April 26. The legislation, introduced by Republican State Senator Donna Campbell, would ban individuals or companies connected with China, Iran, North Korea, Russia from entering into contracts relating to the state’s critical infrastructure. The bill aims to protect infrastructure including the state’s electric grid, communications system, cybersecurity system, and water treatment facilities. Other countries could also be barred if deemed a threat to Texas’ infrastructure by the governor, in consultation with the Department of Public Safety.  If it is passed by the state’s House of Representatives and signed into law by the governor, the legislation will take effect on Sept. 1. Campbell cited the proposed construction of a wind farm in western Texas’ Val Verde County as …

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