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Heritage Foundation Pledges to Refuse Big Tech Donations Over Censorship Concerns

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The Heritage Foundation on Tuesday pledged to refuse funds from Big Tech companies “as long as they continue to suppress conservative viewpoints.” The announcement comes weeks after the conservative think tank declined donations from Google and Facebook because of the companies’ censoring of persons and groups with conservative points of view. Heritage, a public policy research institute, turned down a $225,000 donation from Google and returned a $150,000 donation from Facebook in October 2020. “The Heritage Foundation will not in good conscience accept money from companies that repeatedly and blatantly attempt to silence conservative speech they don’t agree with,” outgoing foundation president Kay C. James said in a statement Tuesday. “Every time a new case of censorship comes to light, these companies trot out excuses and promises to do better. Enough is enough,” she added. “I stand united with other conservative leaders against Big Tech’s censorship of conservative voices.” In …

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